Quality Assurance Unit

* Meeting the requirements of customers, like SAPCO, MEGAMOTOR, ISACO, NIROOMOHARREKEH. 
* Communication with customers to meet their demands.
* Maintaining, preserving, and following all the articles in ISO/TS 16949:2009 and ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Standards.
* Enhancing the ability and knowledge of the unit based on enhancing the system and customer needs.
* Qualitative and quantitative assessment of all reputable domestic and foreign suppliers  
* Reporting to top managers on the performance of the quality management system and laboratory quality management system.
* Assuring the establishment, implementation, and maintain of the defined processes.
* Communication with extra-organizational parties on matters related to the quality management system and laboratory quality system.
* Preparation and formulation of the required documents for laboratory and quality management systems and taking control of them.
* Periodic reviews for system improvement and maintenance to inform top managers.
*  Conducting periodic internal audits for meeting customer requirements and ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO/TS 2009 Standards.
* Establishment of ISO/IEC 17025a Laboratory Quality Management Standard and pursuing that the requirements of the above standard have been followed.
* Calibration of the company measurement devices in domestic level and communicating with extra-organizational institutions for calibration of other non- reachable measurement devices, reporting, and taking control of them.
* Participation in various trainings required for the company to enhance the company's quality management system and implementation of the system?s educational issues.
* Conducting periodic 5S in the company level to take control of health and environmental condition, as well as order and discipline. 
* Holding problem-solving sessions to resolve the current problems and shortcomings.
* Attending different qualitative and manufacturing meetings to maintain and comply with the requirements and report sending in the event of deviation.
* Monitoring and analysis of received statistics and pursuing, as well as estimating the trend of indicators to propose in different meeting and presenting in contracting and system audits.
* Issuing a corrective action for asymmetries, including customer complaints, problems with internal audit systems, and etc.
* Holding quality committee meetings to take control of all of the shortcomings observed in the quality management system based on customer requirements and ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and ISO/TS 16949:2009 Standards in laboratory quality management system
* Holding technical committees and active participation in the meetings of the aforesaid committee to investigate and resolve the arisen shortcomings.
* Coordination with C.B audits and with customers for periodic controls on the institutions and evaluating, as well as auditing the contractors, and pursuing to resolve the observed symmetries.
* Performing process- product- warehouse- system-5s- laboratory audits to control, take care, and comply with system symmetries, and reporting and resolving them, in the event of asymmetries.
* Periodic assessments of MSA, SPC, warehouse and so on to take control of them.

About us

IRANIAN BEARING COMPANY (IBC) has been established in 30 October 1969 in partnership with the SKF Swedish Company. This company manufactures ball bearing and taper roller bearings based on specifications provided by the ISO (International Standard Organization).

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