Needle Roller Bearings

The followings are some of our produced types of needle roller bearings:

Bearing TypeBearing Type
K 30×38×3034×51×17.5
INA F 47905K25×33×24 INA K84171
WTB 47×53×31.8K16×21×21.7
K 57×63×43K 60×66×42
K 67×73×37K20×28×20×1
K40×44×34.6×ZWWTB 45×100×38.2
WTB 50.8×100×35285-4WD
AA-1199NRB 3.175×10.8G2
512 533 (Torring ton)58×65×36
7010032019370500002709 , Q-8304
730 321 20580×88×40
AA-1199B-3216, S-3216
B-3220BHTM 3030-0H
DBF-70171HK 1616
HK1012INA B-1212
INA F47905INA F47905
INAK84171K 16×21×21.7
K 20×28×20 K 28×35×19.8
K 35×39×34×ZWK 40×44×34.6×ZW
K 43×48×39.5K 55×60×30
K 55×63×25K24×30×312W
K72×80×20KF 200393
KH 45×53×21ANJ245
NJP 211NKI 40/20
NL-70172NTA 4860
QBR-190-456UBC 3.20×19.30
UBC 5.542×13.67UBC-FA 17934
WJ 162116WTB 30×38×30
WTB 45×53×20.8WTB 50×57×24.3
WTB 55×63×28.8WTB 60×88×39.6
WTB 80×88×46WTB 95×103×40

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About us

IRANIAN BEARING COMPANY (IBC) has been established in 30 October 1969 in partnership with the SKF Swedish Company. This company manufactures ball bearing and taper roller bearings based on specifications provided by the ISO (International Standard Organization).

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